Overheard at LaunchSquad: What Are Your PR Superstitions?

Overheard at LaunchSquad: What Are Your PR Superstitions?

By LaunchSquad Team

Lucky socks on game day, holding a rabbit’s foot at the SAT test center—we all have superstitions that keep us calm, cool and collected before a big event. At LaunchSquad, it’s no different. Even the best PR pros need a little boost of confidence once in awhile when sending an important pitch, or working on a special byline or press release.

From inanimate objects to silly rituals, here are some of our favorite PR superstitions from around the Squad:

Power Colors: “I have a power color that I wear often in big meetings—yellow. According to color psychology, yellow is the color of the mind and intellect, it resonates with the logical side of our brains to stimulate our mental agility. I just like the color; it makes me feel happy and reminds me to relax and not take things too seriously.” ~Erica Orthmann, Vice President

Breakfast of Champions: “I eat an asiago bagel with veggie cream cheese from Au Bon Pain the morning of every new business pitch. It started as a coincidence out of convenience, and now it’s muscle memory: to have a successful pitch, I must eat an asiago bagel.” ~Lucia Schepps, Account Manager

Brain Power: “It sounds silly, but when I’m pitching reporters, I take a moment to connect with them cosmically. Some would call it ESP…I re-read the pitches I’ve sent from the reporter’s perspective and think good thoughts. No I don’t believe it’s the real key to a successful pitch. But one day it worked three times in a row, so I’ve become superstitious that if I don’t do it, the pitch will go unanswered.” ~Christine Freschi, Account Executive

Crystal Clarity: “I’ve been drawn to crystals since I was a little girl — mostly because they were “pretty” and “sparkly.” After college, I found myself expanding my collection once more, though this time around, I’ve paid extra special attention to their meaning. As both a PR professional and aspiring author, throat chakra stones play a comforting role in my life. These crystals empower the beholder to enhance their self expression and communicate more effectively—whether there’s truth in this or not, I have a (growing) bowl on my desk which have a soothing presence on even the most stressful days.” ~Maria Pianelli, Account Executive

Have any PR Superstitions of your own? Tell us below…

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