American Giant

About This Project

We partnered with American Giant prior to their launch in February 2012. We set out to develop a cult following of the brand through creative campaigns and social marketing. In December, 2012, American Giant was cited as creating the “best hoodie in the world” by Slate, which led to unchartered success for the young company.


For an online-only brand, it is critical to get in front of your consumer audience. We started out by building style cachet and excitement around a product traditionally thought as simple and “unsexy.” We hit the ground running with extensive media outreach efforts spanning fashion, business, and broadcast including multiple media tours, focusing on a set of storylines targeted to each publication type.


We focused on the value of American manufacturing from the CEO’s perspective, and placed contributed articles in Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and others.


In addition to media placements, we crafted unique local events, contests and media collaborations to drive consumer loyalty. These inventive campaigns landed an incredible article in SLATE, launching American Giant from a little startup to a company with a cult following.