About This Project

After signing on with Jobvite two years ago, we have seen them grow from a solution for fast-growth start ups to an enterprise-level standard. Over this time, one thing has become clear: Jobvite is revolutionizing the way companies find and hire the best talent. They joined up with us to help engage their ever-growing audience while remaining true to their original client base. In response, we crafted a holistic media relations and content program that includes everything from thought leadership positioning to original data-driven stories to cool infographics.


We perform two annual research surveys for Jobvite in which we identify trends, challenges and behaviors on both ends of the hiring spectrum. This research provides Jobvite with key insights into the recruiting industry and the job market, which they use to support their vision and influence PR activity. We use the reports to help structure our media relations and content strategies, which results in data-driven consumer-, industry- and technology/business-facing narratives. These stories shine a light on best practices and trends in the job market and have been featured in a wide range of publications from MarketWatch and The Wall Street Journal to TechCrunch and Human Resources Online.


We work to position Jobvite executives as industry experts in the recruiting space through a combination of speaking engagements and contributed publications. In late 2014, we secured an ongoing contributed column in Inc. for CEO Dan Finnigan. CMO Kimberley Kasper also regularly contributes to key publications like Entrepreneur and ERE. Both Dan and Kimberley have presented at various conferences, most recently Fortune Brainstorm Tech.


With a growing user base of recruiters and HR professionals, Jobvite’s story is often best told through the people using it every day. To this end, we have developed a customer program that includes regularly publishing user testimonials to Jobvite’s website, which has led to user-focused pieces in Marie Claire, Marketplace and CNBC. In addition, by featuring these testimonials, we set customers up to act as Jobvite advocates — sharing their success stories at conferences like HR Tech and SHRM, nominating Jobvite for awards, and more.


  • Develop and execute two annual reports: Social Recruiting Survey and Job Seeker Nation Survey
  • Over 400 stories since June 2013 in business, technology, recruiting and consumer publications
  • Standing weekly contributed column in Inc. for CEO Dan Finnigan
  • Contributed articles in Entrepreneur, WSJ Accelerators, ERE, Buzzfeed and others.
  • Established an ongoing “How To Get A Job At” series with Marie Claire which resulted in 8 stories featuring Jobvite customers.
  • CEO Dan Finnigan spoke at Fortune Brainstorm Tech in July 2014 and has been selected to speak at SXSW in March 2015.