About This Project


StellaService is dedicated to creating a world of better service—from helping businesses achieve it, to helping shoppers find it. After launching with this mission in 2010, StellaService quickly made a name for itself in the ecommerce industry due to the proprietary customer service data it collects for all the major retailers. With clients like Zappos and Walmart already on board, the StellaService team came to LaunchSquad seeking a partner that would take a strategic, multi-faceted approach to growing their brand awareness, making them even more of a force within the ecommerce space.


In order to objectively measure the customer service experience of all major US retailers, StellaService has developed a robust, human-powered approach to data collection. LaunchSquad saw how leveraging this data could elevate the company’s profile, so we built a program positioning StellaService’s VP of Research as an industry expert with an immense amount of data at his fingertips.

LaunchSquad began getting StellaService credibility in the retail space by offering existing StellaService data and content exclusively to key influencers. As we continued to build rapport, we pitched out small pieces of data analysis, offering up StellaService’s unique point of view for additional context. These initial stories led to an increased appetite for StellaService data. One Forbes contributor even asked if we were becoming the most powerful company in online retail.


These early press hits helped build thought leadership and paved the way for success in “newsjacking”—a strategy LaunchSquad identified as a critical driver of success for StellaService that focused on providing timely analysis and data for breaking news.

This strategy hit its stride in December 2013 when our Christmas Cutoff research report became a game changer. In part due to the polar vortex engulfing most of the East Coast, retailers across the nation were in the spotlight regarding whether or not their packages made it to shoppers on time for the holidays. LaunchSquad jumped at this opportunity and inserted StellaService directly into the heart of the conversation, providing analysis and context through its Christmas Cutoff study, which showcased which retailers were able to keep their promises of delivering packages by Christmas—and which were not.

This moment represented a major boost to StellaService’s reputation as go-to expert on all things customer service. In the months following this story, LaunchSquad was able to seed relevant data in the press in conjunction with greater news stories, and secured spots for StellaService’s team as recurring commentators on broadcast news.

LaunchSquad continues to maintain robust media relationships with top reporters from the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg News, as well as with important trade publications like Internet Retailer, Women’s Wear Daily and STORES Magazine.


  • Strategic press hits directly impacted StellaService’s ability to close major deals with several retailers.
  • In 14 months, LaunchSquad secured 259 pieces of coverage from business, tech, trade, and consumer press, and placed 38 contributed content bylines.
  • Coverage highlights include the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNBC Squawk Box, Inc., Internet Retailer, and Re/code.
  • LaunchSquad has secured regular contributor status for both StellaService’s CEO and its Senior Director of Content in Inc., and has also found great success through the LinkedIn Influencers program.