Social Media Best Practices for LinkedIn

Social Media Best Practices for LinkedIn

By Andrew Steichen

We’re back with another post in our
Social Media Best Practices” series. This time it’s all about getting connected to the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn.

When you think of LinkedIn, you probably think of resumes, career articles and people suiting up for their thumbnail headshot. But that’s not all it’s good for. While we wouldn’t discount LinkedIn’s status as a great network for job hunters and networkers, it can also be utilized as part of a successful social media PR campaign—if you follow a few guidelines to make sure you’re making as good of an impression with your posts as you are with that sports jacket and tie. Read on for tips & tricks to get the most out of the world’s largest professional network.

What Should I Post? LinkedIn is the best channel for a company to introduce itself beyond its website and provide updates on company news for an external audience. Use the platform to offer industry insights, company news, product announcements, event coverage, thoughts on a relevant trending topic, workplace culture articles and of course featured job openings.

What Should I Include? Incorporate images and videos into your posts. Posts with images generate 98% higher comment rate while those with videos have a 75 percent higher share rate than those without.

Should I Respond? Yes! Take time to respond to posts, questions and comments left on your page. Be sure to thank users who leave positive reviews and follow up with any complaints or criticism. Answer questions and offer advice and assistance whenever possible.

When Should I Post? The best time to post content on LinkedIn is the middle of the week. Tuesday through Thursday tends to get the most impressions and engagements. As for the time of day, aim to post content early in the morning (7am-9am EST) or in the early evening (5pm-6pm EST) to maximize eyeballs during the workday.

Should I Use Links? Feel free to link to other content, but use a link shortener before doing so. LinkedIn updates strip links of any tracking token that may have been added. Utilizing a service like shortens the link so the URL can be posted directly into the body of the post while keeping the tracking token.

Should I Include a Button? Add a LinkedIn “Follow” button on your corporate website. LinkedIn provides the code for the button, so be sure to include it on your blog, hiring pages and more.

Should I Join Groups? Absolutely! Approximately 53 percent of LinkedIn users join 10 or more groups where they can engage in group discussion – just remember to be genuine and don’t spam. One thing to note, only individuals, not companies, are allowed to join groups.

How Can I Use LinkedIn for Recruiting? Use the Careers tab to publish open positions and centralize your recruiting program.

Should Employees Post? Employees are 70 percent more likely to click, share and comment on an update than external LinkedIn users. Take advantage of this and make it easy for employees to engage with content: send notifications and links every time you post or when particularly important updates go live.

What Other Information Can I Collect? LinkedIn can be an amazing source of competitive intelligence for your business. Follow your competitors’ pages and watch for their news, updates, and employee changes. Certain exits and job openings can provide insight into strategic direction.

How are you making the most of your LinkedIn strategy? Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet @LaunchSquad.

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