Three Questions with Account Coordinator Bushra Malik

Three Questions with Account Coordinator Bushra Malik

Name: Bushra Malik
Title: Account Coordinator
Office: San Francisco
Time at LaunchSquad: 9 months

1.What made you decide to come to LaunchSquad?

The agency’s knack for storytelling and its belief to “show, not tell.

LaunchSquad is filled with expert storytellers, and if there’s one thing I’ve always known, it’s that I love telling a good story. As a kid, I was captivated by National Geographic nature documentaries mailed to me from my grandpa on indestructible VHS tapes. I was so interested that I started to film squirrels with the family camcorder in my own backyard. How do you turn hours of arbitrary lion–or squirrel–footage into an interesting story people (let alone a six year old) will want to watch? The solution: finding inventive, compelling ways to tell stories. That’s essentially the backbone of what LaunchSquad does.

Another thing that first attracted me to LaunchSquad is its in-house video team – something unconventional, yet completely cutting-edge – for a PR firm. This show not tell mantra (through the team’s work and quite literally with cameras) is one of the things that truly set LaunchSquad apart for me.

2. What’s your favorite part about working at LaunchSquad?

The people – employees, clients, and everyone in between. Each person at the Squad says it, but it’s so undeniably true that it never gets old. Within days of starting here, multiple people had personally introduced themselves, invited me out for coffee, and offered their help and advice. The staff made sure to immediately show me how to book the office meditation room for my daily prayers, and sent out a compassionately written email of solidarity a few weeks later when the government instituted the “Muslim ban.” I felt beyond welcomed and accepted at a time when discrimination is rampant, and at a time when I had recently been advised to change my name to yield better job search results.  

At LaunchSquad, people really, truly matter – from the employees who make up the Squad to our clients. The people here are not only extraordinarily talented, but kind, positive, and thoughtful. This positivity not only impacts the relationships we build, but the work we do.

3. What would you consider to be the most important skill to have when working at LaunchSquad?

Incredible work ethic. The tirelessness and dedication here is the backbone of LaunchSquad, and it pays off regularly with client results. And part of that work ethic is thinking ahead, persevering, and constantly challenging yourself to improve at your craft and grow as a person. It’s what I see here every day.

Proactivity and perseverance are also key. I was very new to the world of PR before finding LaunchSquad at my college career fair. After learning about LaunchSquad, I focused my energy into making sure I’d have more relevant and valuable experience on my resume. I left my job of 2 years at the campus dorms and landed a communications job at an environmental justice nonprofit to make myself a stronger candidate. I focused on actively challenging and improving my own skillset with the end goal of joining LaunchSquad upon graduating. Fast forward nearly a year and a half later: I accepted a full-time offer as an Account Coordinator on election day in 2016, something I took as a sign of unity and acceptance on what was an otherwise divisive day. Since then, proactivity and perseverance have been critical to doing my work every day.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned through my journey to LaunchSquad is to find an organization that truly excites you and does work you find meaningful. From there, trust the process because you never know where your journey might take you.

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